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Lead the pack (Best practices)

Operations| Short course certificate
Evaluate current practices against best practices
R1,200 View

Build a wise organisation (learning culture)

Operations| Microlearning certificate
Promote a learning culture in an organisation
R1,500.00 View

Be the general (Strategy and planning)

Operations| Microlearning certificate
Develop and implement a strategy and action plans for a team, department or division
R1,200 View

Managing operations

General Management| Operations| Short course certificate
Translate the company strategy into a best practice action plan with tools and techniques for effective implementation
R6,500 View

Project plans (project management)

Operations| Microlearning certificate
Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan
R2,400.00 View

From idea to success (operational plan)

Operations| Microlearning certificate
Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan
R2,400.00 View

Being a reformer (manage change)

Operations| Microlearning certificate
Recognize areas in need of change make recommendations and implement change in the team, department or division.
R900.00 View

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