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Student Strengths Analysis

Course Details

Student Strengths Analysis

Course Overview

Discover and maximise your most powerful natural talents with Top 5 CliftonStrengths. This option includes an analysis of your top 5 strengths, after which you will be contacted by a CliftonStrengths coach who will explain your strengths in more detail and give you viable career advice.

If you are interested in discovering all your strengths try the 34 CliftonStrengths analysis. This option will go deeper into what makes you unique and how you can apply your new found strengths in the workplace. This option includes an in-depth analysis of all your strengths, after which you will receive comprehensive feedback from the CliftonStrengths coach as well as a detailed report of your strengths.


Summary of what you will receive afterwards

  • Signature Theme Report (Top 5 and Full 34)
  • Strengths Insight Guide (Top 5 and Full 34)
  • CliftonStrengths 34 Report (Full 34 only)
  • Theme Sequence Report (Full 34 only)



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