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Neuroscience for Resilience & High Performance

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Neuroscience for Resilience & High Performance

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Corporate systems challenge the biological functioning of human beings. As an example, inherently, systems operate without ‘switching off’, challenging professionals to remain in ‘on’ mode. Biological systems that remain in ‘on’ mode eventually burn out, leading to reduced output and disengagement. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors that continuously challenge the brain/body system include the high demands on a highly skilled and competent workforce and the intrinsic motivation of individuals that paradoxically contribute to resilience erosion and burnout.

The foundational rhythms of exercise and movement, nutrition, sleep/wake and mindfulness provide the platform for wellness and resilience. Resilience is a core capacity that sets us up for high performance. Our optimal functioning as individuals and as a collective requires understanding of what drives and motivates the emotional brain. Finally, you will learn what drives learning, innovation and complex problem-solving. Holistically, organizational performance is intricately dependent on resilience, self-leadership, learning capacity and innovation capacity. These four capacities are central to providing the platform for the mastery of all other skills and competencies agile organizations need for wellness, high performance and thriving.

The Neuroscience for Resilience and High Performance Course is designed to equip you with a working understanding of how the brain & body builds resilience and prepares for high performance. You will learn how to sensibly integrate the neuroscience of the brain/body system with individual and organizational high performance outcomes.

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