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National Certificate in General Management

Course Details

National Certificate in General Management

Perform as a manager that takes business ideas and turns them into profits

Course overview

This qualification in general management will enable you to make a real difference within a management practice through the active use of frameworks, theories and tools. It will help you to develop a good grounding in both the theory and practice of managing and leading, covering the core functions and disciplines of management and helping you to make the connections between them.

It provides a framework for a year-long process of professional development which challenges you to engage actively with a wide variety of ideas and to develop a repertoire of techniques and approaches best suited to your situation and management context.

Summary of what you can do afterwards

  • Lead a team of first line managers
  • Initiate operational strategies, projects and action plans to improve effectiveness
  • Apply performance improvement for achievement of the entity’s objectives
  • Build relationships using communication processes both vertically and horizontally
  • Apply the principles of risk, ethics, financial and knowledge management to ensure sustainability
  • Enhance the development of team members through skills, coaching, providing career direction and capitalising on diversity in the unit

What do you get after you have completed your studies

  • A qualification from Stellenbosch Graduate Institute as evidence of your newly acquired abilities and competencies
  • Skills, knowledge and application thereof that is practical, relevant and prepares you for your future
  • Become part of the SGI Alumni and stay connected with individuals across the country and world who have embarked on the same learning journey as you

Module breakdown

Successful management depends on being able to motivate people to achieve the specific objectives that are required to complete a business task. Motivating people require both leadership skill and an understanding of the business system as well as the ability to communicate the task effectively. Effective communication relies heavily on emotional intelligence and this skill enables a manager to connect people to tasks while being humane in the process.
This module on leadership and emotional intelligence is a building block to enable a new manager to communicate effectively using reports and other business communication tools, understand leadership and be able to define their leadership style and follow a systems approach to decision making.
What you will be able to do:
  • Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context.
  • Apply a systems approach to decision-making.
  • Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the management
    of self and others.
  • Use communication techniques effectively.

Teams are the foundation of modern businesses, and the skill of managing a team depends on effective goal setting, coaching and evaluation of performance. This module gives a manager the essential tools to get the best from recognising the strengths of teams that they manage. The module will assist both in understanding how teams work as well as how to be an effective participant in a team.

What you will be able to do:

  • Select and coach first line managers
  • Build teams to achieve goals and objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards
  • Manage and improve communication processes in a function

A good manager has a keen understanding of the impact of every action in the business on the financial aspects of the business. This module will enable the learner to manage the finances of a unit and identify elements that may lead to financial risk in the business. Many people are traditionally scared of looking at the financial aspects of a business, but this module takes away the guessing and gives practical tools to manage budgets, understand the basic finances of the unit and to monitor, assess and manage risk.

What you will be able to do:

  • Apply financial analysis.
  • Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information.
  • Manage the finances of a unit.
  • Monitor, assess and manage risk.

Operations are at the heart of every business and translate the strategy to an action plan for a department or division. This module enables learning organisations to give managers the tools to assess a strategy and develop an action plan. At the same time, the module gives tools and strategies to identify and manage best practices.
Strategy implementation leads to change, and the module looks at how to use communication and change management techniques to support the operational change of a business unit. The module deals specifically with the development, implementation and evaluation of operational and project plans.

What you will be able to do:

  • Develop and implement a strategy and action plans for a team, department or division.
  • Evaluate current practices against best practice.
  • Recognise areas in need of change, make recommendations and implement change in the team, department or division.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan.
  • Promote a learning culture in an organisation.

A new manager needs to be able to support the knowledge management effort of an organisation as they will be expected to ensure that systems work, and that systems facilitate processes. The module focuses on the principles and practices for knowledge management.
Innovation requires a keen understanding of areas that can improve in a business, and the module discusses the types of innovation that can be used to improve those processes. The module asks participants to look for practical changes in their environment and to develop plans to realise those innovations in an environment.

What you will be able to do:

  • Apply the principles of knowledge management.
  • Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation.
  • Formulate recommendations for a change process.

This module focuses on enabling participants to understand the role of talent and workforce management in the overall success of a business. Students will learn what it takes to build workforce relationships and how people and talent management techniques can be applied to ensure the ethical performance of a diverse workforce.
Participants will apply practical techniques to support the development of stronger organisational cultures.


What you will be able to do:

  • Manage a diverse workforce to add value.
  • Lead people development and talent management.
  • Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace relationships.
  • Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture.
  • Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations.

More information

Business education involves putting theory into practice and through exposure to multiple industries, we have assembled a world-class team of faculty with exceptional industry experience for you.

Each lecturer will inspire you with their practical experience-based insights, best practices, what works and what does not.

Based on current research trends, our faculty shares global best practices that open avenues of exploration.

Career counseling and coaching

The student is assisted by a learning coach who is experienced in making the most of your studies. Individual sessions with our counsellors/coaches are available. These sessions are useful to help you clarify your goals and develop personalised job search strategies.

Skills development

As part of the qualification, you will improve your CV writing skills, interview skills, business etiquette and networking to prepare you for your job search. Mock interviews can also be arranged to prepare you for real interviews.

Recruitment referrals

Stellenbosch Graduate Institute builds strong relationships with companies and will advise on the availability of positions within these companies.

Networking events

Individual contacts and being in the right place at the right time often lead to job opportunities. Students are encouraged to attend networking events and informal online functions and webinars to meet professionals from a variety of industries that bring alumni and students together.

Follow our 6 step process below and give your dreams digital wings with an online educational experience that is professional and innovative.


Any individual who has a matric certificate or matric equivalent with communication, literacy and mathematics skills at NQF Level 4 can qualify to apply. If the student has completed a module that is equivalent to a specific module on this programme, then they may apply for exemption of that module by requesting an Exemption Application. As this is an online programme, computer literacy is assumed and you will need an email address, access to a computer and access to stable internet.

You determine your payment option as per the payment plans and specify this on the application form. You then pay using your id / passport number as reference to: 

Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (Pty) Ltd

Bank: FNB

Account number: 62679141904

FNB Stellenbosch Branch Code: 200610

FNB Swift Code (for international payments): FIRNZAJJ

Reference: ID number of student

Because you are studying online - you also save a lot of money on travel, food, accommodation and books. Everything that you may need to complete your studies is provided within the course.

We also offer options so that you can

  • Pay upfront - and save some money
  • Pay per module - easy and convenient
  • Pay per month - predictable
  • Custom plan - talk to us
  • No registration fees and all guides and materials included in course price
  • Here is what our students say about our courses:


    My favorite part about studying with SGI, is self-discipline. You don't have a lecturer to tell you when an assignment is due. In an online course, you can email a coach your questions directly. When answering, the coach provides you with a thorough understanding of what is expected of you. If you are trying to save money, this is a perfect solution. With SGI, you do all the work at your own pace. - Mandisa Siyo


    My favorite part of studying with SGI was the fact that the lessons learned were 90% closer to reality, via various exercises that were given to me, I was thus able to have a global idea of ​​what it is ''being of service to others''. - Myriam Mpoyi


    My favorite part of studying with SGI is the video lectures as well as the experience of the lecturers was excellent!! Furthermore, the overall support of the whole team especially the online coach which was appointed to each student. - Hadley Isaacs


    My favorite part was the SGI team, whenever I had a problem they were always available and ready to assist.- Gwyneth Anna Zuze


    The assignments are interesting and cover real-life issues. - Lame Ramaloto

    At Stellenbosch Graduate Institute we want to bring inspiring people together whatever their social or cultural background in an open-minded space conducive for learning and research. We want a virtual place where students (and lecturers and staff) can obtain and apply knowledge to thrive and realise their own potential that also positively impacts and transforms our society and the world.

    We offer a new approach to education, an approach that provides students access to a cutting-edge, digital, online educational experience in a professional and innovative way. Stellenbosch Graduate Institute provides learners with practical skills, excellence and entrepreneurship, that prepares students for their future by offering online qualifications, short courses and customised programmes.

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