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Leadership and emotional intelligence

Course Details

Leadership and emotional intelligence

Communicate effectively, define your leadership style and connect people to tasks.

Course overview

Successful management depends on being able to motivate people to achieve the specific objectives that are required to complete a business task.  Motivating people require both leadership skill and an understanding of the business system as well as the ability to communicate the task effectively. Effective communication relies heavily on emotional intelligence and this skill enables a manager to connect people to tasks while being humane in the process.

This short course on leadership and emotional intelligence is a building block to enable a new manager to communicate effectively using reports and other business communication tools, understand leadership and be able to define their leadership style and follow a systems approach to decision making.

Summary of what you can do afterwards

  • Understand leadership in a work context
  • Apply a systems approach to decision making
  • Apply your EQ competently to effectively lead yourself and to influence others
  • Use communication techniques effectively

What do you get after you have completed your studies

  • A certificate from Stellenbosch Graduate Institute as evidence of your newly acquired abilities and competencies
  • Skills, knowledge and application thereof that is practical, relevant and prepares you for your future
  • Credits towards the SGI National Certificate in Generic Management
  • Become part of the SGI Alumni and stay connected with individuals across the country and world who have embarked on the same learning journey as you

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