Evaluate and improve project performance

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Evaluate and improve project performance

Techniques to support ongoing delivery and excellence of a project

Course starts 13 January 2020 | 9 March 2020
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Course Details

Course overview

As the progress of the project is mobilised the effort of the project manager should shift to evaluating and improving project performance. The essential skills of project solving and resolution is combined with an understanding of various tools and techniques to support the ongoing delivery and excellence of a project.

Summary of what you can do afterwards

  • Monitor, evaluate and control project performance.
  • Do problem solving and problem resolution with negotiation and reliability.
  • Develop a plan for project evaluation.
  • Capture and apply learning.
  • Consult and do situational analysis.
  • Manage team energy with an appreciation for values, ethics and a culture of openness.

What do you get after you have completed your studies

  • A certificate from Stellenbosch Graduate Institute as evidence of your newly acquired abilities and competencies.
  • Skills, knowledge and application thereof that is practical, relevant and prepares you for your future.
  • Credits towards the SGI Advanced Project Management Programme.
  • Become part of the SGI Alumni and stay connected with individuals across the country and world who have embarked on the same learning journey as you.

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