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Establish the project environment

What project managers do and how it fits into an organisation.

Course starts 13 January 2020 | 9 March 2020
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Course Details

What is this course about?

This short course gives a sound understanding of what project managers do and how it fits into an organisation. It also scopes how project management can be established in an organisation that does not currently practice project management. It gives you an in-depth understanding of the role of projects in an organisation, the role of the project manager and the scope of project management generally. The role of project management in different organisations is mapped out and contextualised by the concepts related to programme and portfolio management.

Summary of what you can do afterwards

  • Map out the role of project management of different organisations
  • Define programme and portfolio orientation
  • Structure and implement a project, programme and portfolio function in a business

What do I get after I have completed my studies?

  • A certificate from Stellenbosch Graduate Institute as evidence of your newly acquired abilities and competencies
  • Skills, knowledge and application thereof that is practical, relevant and prepares you for your future
  • Credits towards the SGI Advanced Project Management Programme
  • Become part of the SGI Alumni and stay connected with individuals across the country and world who have embarked on the same learning journey as you

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