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Create a programme (short course) that is completely customised based on the needs of your organisation.

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Content is freely available on the internet, apps and other platforms for everyone to access and download. The differentiator is no longer content but rather the learning experience and how this translates into practical implementation.


We will collaborate with you to provide a learning solution with business-relevant content that can scale your company’s learning and development requirements without employees having to leave the workplace.


In choosing Stellenbosch Graduate Institute, organisations and individuals will discover a learning partner that is not only conscious of the need for experiential learning, but also strives to customise programmes to meet both the strategic needs of the organisation and the development needs of the individual.




SGI’s National Certificate in Generic Management is the ideal course to use as a Management Development Programme (MDP) within a corporate structure. Different to most competitors, this is one-year long qualification that addresses each management area (leadership, teams, finances, operations, innovation, talent) in a seven-week period. It is also 100% online, scalable and has six start dates in a year.


It focuses on the general management principles that lay an excellent foundation in entrepreneurial – and leadership – capabilities. The strategy, systems and people-management abilities it provides is the ideal thinking that middle managers are required to have in business. It is a practical, work-ready qualification meaning what is learnt today can be applied today. Learning coaches are provided to each student to provide support and guidance leading to a successful completion.


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