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What should you study according to your Myers-Briggs profile? (Quiz)

BY: SGI|25 July 2019
BLOG| My future career

View all 16 personalities on this PDF


The Myers-Briggs Test is one of the more commonly done psychiatric tests today, with countless variations since it was conceptualised in 1944 by a teacher called Katherine Cook Briggs, and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. Based on Jung’s conceptual theory (on the ego, personal and collective unconscious), it’s a self-report questionnaire that asks a series of questions to determine how you see the world and make decisions. Take a variation of the test for free here… www.16personalities.com.

More about the 16 Personalities

16 Personalities gives personality types based on five spectrums: The Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity. Each of these has two sides, with a neutral option in the middle.


  • In the Mind section, you can either be more Introverted (I) or Extroverted (E).


  • In the Energy part, you can be more Observant (S) or Intuitive (N). Observant individuals tend to be down-to-earth, pragmatic and focused on the now. Intuitive people are imaginative, curious and open-minded, with a focus on the future.


  • In the Nature (decision-making preferences and emotions) section, you can be more Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). Thinkers prioritise logic over emotions; Feelers are empathetic, cooperative and emotionally expressive.


  • In the Tactics (decision-making, planning and approach to work) part, you are either more Judging (J) or Prospecting (P). Judging individuals are precise, organised and decisive, preferring structure to spontaneity. Prospecting people like to spot opportunities and have their options open.


  • Finally, in the Identity bit, you’ll be more Assertive (-A) or Turbulent (-T). Assertive people are self-assured, even-tempered and good with stress. Turbulent individuals are stress-sensitive, self-conscious and success-driven.


Once you, taken the test, you’ll get five letters each standing for the option you lean towards per section. For example, INTJ-A.


Have you taken the test? Here are the jobs that suit you best! And what you should study to land these roles… *Note all the personality archetype information is straight from the 16 Personalities site.


View all 16 personalities on this PDF


The architect - INTJ

Introverted | Intuitive | Thinking | Judging

Strategic thinkers and perfect planners with a core workplace strength at assessing and organising concepts. Preferred career positions include highly strategic, possibly ‘lone wolf’ roles such as a systems engineer, project manager, systems analyst and marketing strategist. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Project systems and requirement analysis course, which adopts a systems-thinking approach!


The logician - INTP

Introverted | Intuitive | Thinking | Perceiving

Knowledge-hungry inventors with a core workplace strength of curiosity and creativity. Preferred career positions include philosophers, professors, architects and scientists. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Managing knowledge and innovation course to capture all the knowledge you’re perpetually seeking.


The commander - ENTJ

Extroverted | Intuitive | Thinking | Judging

Leaders who always find a way with a core workplace strength of charisma, confidence and ‘ruthless’ rationality. Preferred career positions include business leaders and exceptional entrepreneurs. Consider studying SGI’s flagship year-long General Management course to complement your natural leadership skills.


The debater - ENTP

Extroverted | Intuitive | Thinking | Perceiving

The curious cat who loves a good debate. Typical core workplace strength is being “the ultimate devil’s advocate” with the ability to connect disparate ideas. Preferred career positions include consultant, art director and strategist. Consider studying SGI’s Be the general micro course on strategy and planning, because strategic thinking is your thing!


The advocate - INFJ

Introverted | Intuitive | Feeling | Judging

Quiet, mystical idealists (the rarest personality type) with a core workplace strength as idealists who take action to affect change. Preferred career positions include psychologist, counsellor, spiritual leader and life coach. Consider studying SGI’s Being of service micro course, so you can build an inclusive organisational culture around your desire to serve others.


The mediator - INFP

Introverted | Intuitive | Feeling | Perceiving

Affable altruists with a core workplace strength as born diplomats who see the best in everyone. Preferred career positions include diplomats, poets, writers and actors. Consider studying SGI’s Strategies of the healer micro course, so you can build on your strength of beautifully orchestrating strong workplace relationships.


The protagonist - ENFJ

Extroverted | Intuitive | Feeling | Judging

Inspiring leaders oozing charisma with a core workplace strength as super charismatic leaders who attract followership. Preferred career positions include politicians, coaches and teachers. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Managing teams course, to complement your transformational leadership skills.


The campaigner - ENFP

Extroverted | Intuitive | Feeling | Perceiving

Creative, cheerful, social free spirits with a core workplace strength as connectors who are often the life of the party. Preferred career positions include educational psychologists, artists, musician and directors. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Leadership and Emotional Intelligence course, so you can get the communication techniques to pair with your social spirit.


View all 16 personalities on this PDF


The logistician - ISTJ

Introverted | Sensing | Thinking | Judging

Fiercely passionate about facts and the most common personality type. A core workplace strength of dedication to duty and ethics plus superb logic. Preferred career positions include law officers, regulators and auditors. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Managing finances course, so you can ace auditing or any financial management venture.


The defender - ISFJ

Introverted | Sensing | Feeling | Judging

Warm protectors ready to rush to loved ones’ aids. A core workplace strength of being meticulous perfectionists, who are social and committed to worthy causes. Preferred career positions include medical professionals, academics and NGO leaders. Consider studying SGI’s flagship one year Advanced Project Management course - with your sensitivity and pursuit of perfection, you’d probably be an exceptional PM.


The executive - ESTJ

Extroverted | Sensing | Thinking | Judging

Brilliant managers of people and things with a core workplace strength as honest enforcers of scrupulous morals. Excellent at bringing people together. Preferred career positions include community organisers, C-Suiters, presidents and CEOs. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Managing talent and the workforce, because you’re a fantastic prospective people manager!


The consul - ESFJ

Extroverted | Sensing | Feeling | Judging

The popular kids, who really care with a core workplace strength of being prom king/ queen candidates who put friends first. Preferred career positions include entrepreneurs, influencer and line managers. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Managing operations course, as you have all the makings of a much-loved line manager.


The virtuoso - ISTP

Introverted | Sensing | Thinking | Perceiving

An experimental master of many things with a core workplace strength as a tactile person who is rational and curious. Masterful makers. Preferred career positions include engineers, software engineers, IT and aircraft systems assembler. Consider studying SGI’s Clear the lines micro course you can better communicate your brilliant brainwaves to your team.


The adventurer - ISFP

Introverted | Sensing | Feeling | Perceiving

A charming artist on the hunt for a new adventure with a core workplace strength as true artists and boundary-breakers who don’t like being boxed in. Preferred career positions include artist, coach and nurse. Consider studying SGI’s Dancing with elephants micro course, because your need for new adventures means you must get familiar with managing change.


The entrepreneur - ESTP

Extroverted | Sensing | Thinking | Perceiving

Smart, perceptive adrenaline junkies with a core workplace strength as energetic conversationalists who like the spotlight. Preferred career positions include entrepreneurs, sales professionals, advertising and marketing. Consider studying SGI’s 7 week Evaluate and improve project performance course, as you’ll need to appraise what’s working and what’s not to progress in your entrepreneurial undertakings.


The entertainer - ESFP

Extroverted | Sensing | Feeling | Perceiving

Spontaneous snowflakes with boundless enthusiasm. Typical core workplace strength as stars who love attention and are incredibly generous with their time and energy. Preferred career positions include TV/radio presenters, actors and influencers. Consider studying SGI’s From idea to success micro course, so you can get your idea off-the-ground to execution phase with operational plans.


Visit our course page for more online learning opportunities for every personality type!

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