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Do you have what it takes to be a leader? (Quiz)

BY: SGI|20 August 2019
BLOG| Business leadership and strategy

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), transformational leadership will be a key factor in maintaining and improving operations, productivity, and strategic networks, says Business Essentials. One of the top traits of a leader in 4IR? Talent management!


Some people assume that talent management is the domain of human resources. And, they wouldn’t be wrong. Digital HR Tech. describes talent management as “the full scope of HR processes to attract, develop, motivate, and retain high-performing employees”. However, a successful talent management strategy relies on all leaders in a business identifying pivotal roles and the kinds of skillsets required to fill these. A talent management strategy must always link to the overarching business strategy and goals. This is something you can learn about through a short online course.


Whether you’re a newly minted manager or looking to step up in your current role, take our quiz to find out if you have what it takes to be a leader in 4IR – and how to get there if you’re not.


1. Your company decides to provide free training for a new platform. You:
  • A: Jump at the chance! You’re always open to learning new skills.
  • B: Check all the details of the course and whether it’s relevant to your role before signing up.


2. Your general response to friends about work is:

  • A: “I love my job! Here’s why my company is amazing to work for…”
  • B: “My job is okay but if you hear of any new opportunities, let me know.”


3. When it comes to tech, you’re:

  • A: On the pulse of the latest gadgets and innovation. Did someone say data mining?
  • B: Are pretty happy with your old Windows PC and flip phone – if it ain’t broke…


4. As the manager of you team, your top priorities include:

  • A: Teaching your team new skills and grooming your successor.
  • B: Ensuring work gets done correctly and your team is successful.


5. When it comes to talent management, you tend to:

  • A: Be extremely hands-on, always looking ahead to mentor and identify internal and external talent for pivotal roles.
  • B: Leave a lot of it up to HR – they are the experts, after all!



Your willingness to always take on a challenge and improve your own understanding and knowledge of new technology puts you on the fast-track to becoming a transformational leader. These types of managers can help employees develop and keep reaching new milestones in the workplace. SGI’s online microlearning course The Definitive Leadership Skill (Talent Management) will help you to keep honing these skills.



Your current role may feel comfortable, but you’ll be more prepared for workplace changes in 4IR once you open your mind to new possibilities. Tune into potential – your own and your team’s – and focus on continuous learning opportunities so you can keep growing together. You also need to look ahead so you can spot talent gaps well in advance and start looking for the right people early on. SGI’s The Definitive Leadership Skill (Talent Management) is the perfect online microlearning short course to help you realise exactly how to do this.


The Definitive Leadership Skill (Talent Management) is one of five online microlearning opportunities focused on leadership and offered at Stellenbosch Graduate Institute. The short course will help new and current managers in HR and other departments of an organisation analyse the education, training, and development needs of a team; compile a people development plan (PDP); and manage the PDP process. Other leadership microlearning short courses include Being lord of the dance (Diverse workforce), Leading towards the future, Leading the leaders, and Managing talent and the workforce.


Contact us if you require more information about our short online courses.


The definitive leadership skill, talent management


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