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How to upskill and reskill yourself to remain an employable asset

BY: SGI|8 February 2019
BLOG| My future career, Business leadership and strategy

20 years ago, if you were a marketer, you were a marketer for life. If you were an accountant, you were an accountant for life. You learned your trade, got better and better at it, got promoted and enjoyed a growing salary and perks. But times are changing. As machine learning and artificial intelligence progress, the work we humans have done in some shape or form over the past century is morphing or disappearing.

So you may be a marketer today, but five or 10 years from now, are you sure your job will be the same as it is today? Very few people can answer yes with great confidence.

It is a little scary, but it also an amazing opportunity to have a nimble and varied career. One which should be low on mundane repetition and high on growth, fulfilment and innovation.

At Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI), our view is that every person of employment age needs to develop a flexible mindset and a great career strategy. They need to realise that skilling and reskilling themselves is the very best way to remain someone who is an asset to the world of work.

Here is a four-prong strategy to help you remain an employable asset in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

1. Be open-minded

Every human on earth right now is being asked a lot of. Suddenly, we’re required to be quite amenable to working with and talking to robots. It can be tempting to shut down and long for the ‘good old days’ when things were a lot simpler. However, remaining a highly valuable asset in the workplace will require you to be open-minded and able to accept fast-paced change. The sooner you realise that things are changing and embrace this change, the sooner you can figure out how you can fit yourself into the bold new world!

2. Be curious

Stay curious about how the world and your industry are ‘pivoting’ due to technological advances. Be the expert on new trends, opportunities and skills. This will allow you to:

  • Add real value to your organisation with depth of knowledge
  • Plan how you need to adapt to stay relevant
  • Keep you fresh and interested in your role

3. Be bold

Building on point two, being bold and courageous in your workplace will be a very powerful tool. This is about knowing how things are changing in the world around you – it is about boldly planning how you can bring those changes into your environment and how you can make a big impact. So put together that innovation strategy and march into the CEO’s office with it! Be that gal or guy, the one that helps fundamentally shift an organisation into the future – and helps keep it there.

4. Be studious

Lifelong learning is perhaps the most critical part of your career strategy. It’s about regularly immersing yourself in study – whether through long or short courses, online or physical study – in order to constantly enhance your knowledge and skills. Today, we are more fortunate than ever before because online learning allows people to study in their own time and in their own homes. It is also delivered in fun, modern, easy-to-digest bite sizes.

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There are some excellent courses available to help people build the skills they need to stay adaptable, to lead through change skillfully, and to develop a mindset of growth, change and success.

Of course, we are big fans of our own courses, so some to consider are:

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