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Top online courses in under three weeks

BY: SGI|16 April 2020
BLOG| My future career, Business leadership and strategy, Short Course

Albert Einstein once said “Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong."

That’s never been truer than it is today. With new technology emerging at immense speeds, it is evident we as society need to continually increase our skills to stay job relevant.

Whether you want that job promotion or to step into a new field, you'll need to commit to learning new skills.


Here are the top online courses you can complete in under three weeks:

Leadership and Emotional intelligence 

Successful management depends on being able to motivate people to achieve the specific objectives that are required to complete a business task.  Motivating people require both leadership skill and an understanding of the business system as well as the ability to communicate the task effectively. Effective communication relies heavily on emotional intelligence and this skill enables a manager to connect people to tasks while being humane in the process.

These short courses on leadership and emotional intelligence is  the building blocks  that will enable you as a manager or future manager to communicate effectively using reports and other business communication tools, understand leadership and be able to define their leadership style and follow a systems approach to decision making

Managing Finances

Start preparing for life after the lock-down with a financial management course that will help you understand the impact of every action in the business on the financial aspects of the business. As a manager or future manager you need a keen understanding of the impact of every action in the business on the financial aspects of the business. If you want to understand how to monitor, assess and manage risk, then these courses are for you.

Managing operations

These short courses will provide you with the tools and strategies to identify and manage best practices. Strategy implementation leads to change and the short courses also addresses at how to use communication and change management techniques to support the operational change of a business unit. It deals specifically with the development, implementation and evaluation of operational and project plans.

Managing talent and the workforce (HR)

These short course focuses on enabling you to understand the role of talent and workforce management in the overall success of a business. You will learn what it takes to build workforce relationships and how people and talent management techniques can be applied to ensure the ethical performance of a diverse workforce. You will apply practical techniques to support the development of stronger organisational cultures. 

Managing teams

Teams are the foundation of modern businesses, and the skill of managing a team depends on effective goal setting, coaching and evaluation of performance. This module provides you with the essential tools to get the best from recognising the strengths of teams that you manage. The module will assist both in understanding how teams work as well as how to be an effective participant in a team.

Managing knowledge and Innovation

As a manager or future manager you need to be able to support the knowledge management effort of your organisation as they will be expected to ensure that systems work and that systems facilitate processes. These short courses focuses on the principles and practices for knowledge management.

Innovation requires a keen understanding of areas that can improve in a business and these short courses discusses the types of innovation that can be used to improve those processes. You should be prepared to look for practical changes in their environment and to develop plans that can make those innovations realise in an environment.

Creativity in Business

The Creativity in Business Short Courses provides you with the ability to enhance your creative confidence and improve your Creative Intelligence and then apply it to different areas in business. Creativity, critical thinking and creative problem-solving are cited to be three of the top ten skills that will future proof your value-add in the 21st century.

These short courses are designed for individuals who want to take a conscious decision to unleash their inner creative potential, enhance their creative confidence and improve their Creative Intelligence.

Effective Directorship 

Practicing good governance is important not only to be an effective board member but also to provide an additional layer of protection against individual liability. The King IVTM Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa was published on 1 November 2016 and became applicable as from 1 April 2017. A high-level overview of the principles contained therein as well as the relevance to any business and its governing body is addressed as part of this course.

Top lecturers in great accredited online courses can change your future by improving your job-skills and helping you gain new abilities. 

  • Start anytime. 

  • Study 100% online

  • Dedicated learning coach to help you stay engaged

  • You can work and study

  • No travel required

  • Effective payment plans with no interest

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