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Why studying Project Management Online can help your career

BY: SGI|17 September 2019
BLOG| My future career

Can you picture your child producing a book one day and jetting off to another country the next? Do you see him or her thriving through a varied career that presents interesting challenges every day? And offers the chance of a very good salary? If so, an online project management course at Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI) opens a world of possibility.


According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the project management (PM) industry is growing rapidly – up to 33% by 2027 – and the demand for skilled project managers will be higher than workers in any other occupation. Still unsure? Here are a few reasons how a project management course can help catalyse career progression:


1. PM may give your young adult an edge

Since project management requires a high level of organisation and leadership, it’s an in-demand skill in all industries. In addition, a good project manager is able to communicate effectively, manage a team, negotiate better, and identify and handle risk, says Digital Project Manager. All extremely desirable traits in an employee.


2. Salary potential may be higher

Whether or not project management is your child’s core job, being a certified PM also means his or her median salary will increase. PMI’s tenth salary survey, conducted in 2018, found that the salaries of certified project management professionals were 23% higher in more than 37 countries.


3. PM provides skills applicable in business – and life

On average, South African households only save around 0.15%, which means many of us will be unable to retire comfortably. With online project management training, your young adult will learn to budget and better manage the resources he or she has available. This also means balancing costs and time, a skill that can be carried across into personal money management.


4. Your young adult’s knowledge of systems will increase

As the world changes, so do the systems we use to navigate it. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is introducing information technology (IT) services that can provide better monitoring and management of projects, says Locus. By doing a project management course – whether online or not – a young person will gain the technological know-how to master any project.

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