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5 Skills that won’t be hirable in 10 years [and a guide to get the skills you need]

BY: SGI|31 July 2019
BLOG| My future career, Deciding to study online

Whether you're considering your next big career move, or simply want to start climbing the corporate ladder, it's time to make sure your career choices secure your future. Technology is developing at such a rapid pace, new skill sets have been introduced to the market while slowly making others disappear. This doesn't mean that you have to be scared of losing your job; you just have to redefine your skills.

In our infographic, we discuss 5 skill sets that will no longer be hirable in 10 years, and the skills you should consider instead.


SGI - 5 Skills that wont be hirable - Infographic-01


Why wait to advance your skill sets when you can start advancing your skills today? Download the SGI guide on how you can get the skills you need and why they're important!

Skills - ebook download - CTA


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