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Kick-start your career path with a short course in management: operations

BY: SGI|24 October 2019
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Each and every organisation strives to be as successful in what they do as possible. To achieve this requires much more than merely a great product or service. In order to function optimally and achieve a greater level of success than their competitors, an organisation or venture needs to orchestrate their business practices in such a way that they facilitate the highest level of efficiency possible within the company.

The management of these operations requires extensive knowledge of a wide range of business practices, processes, and disciplines. At the same time, investing sufficiently in operations management tends to deliver great results in achieving the financial goals of the company.

What does it entail?

This multifaceted discipline includes acquiring, managing, and developing resources related to employees, equipment, technology, and materials to deliver goods and/or services in a fashion that best achieves the organisation’s goals.

The right candidate for this position should have the expertise and commitment to oversee the planning, organising, staffing, monitoring, controlling, directing, and motivating of strategies for an entire organisation or production process.

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What does the successful management of business operations look like?

Ultimately, those in charge of operations management strive to balance the operational costs of an organisation with the revenue it earns. The more successful they are at this task, the higher the net operating profit of the organisation will be.

Does this sound like the type of challenge that matches your talents? Upskill yourself and increase your organisational impact with an operations management course from Stellenbosch Graduate Institute.

Stellenbosch Graduate Institute offers structured and detailed online qualifications, short courses, and customised programmes aimed at providing practical tools, skills, and knowledge to excel within the demanding world of business management.

We aim to create a diverse and inspiring online environment to support and promote learning and research that brings forth a new wave of talented and passionate individuals. We offer a number of innovative courses and programmes to help prepare candidates and upskill seasoned professionals to excel in their careers.

This includes our Managing Operations course, which covers varied skills required for this position. It is a perfect entry point for newly appointed first-line managers, team leaders, supervisors, or junior managers. It is also ideal for those who want to get the necessary qualifications to grow their careers and become managers.

Topics and skills that we teach in this course, include:

  • Strategy and action planning
  • Working with best practices
  • Change management
  • Operational planning
  • Project plans

In addition to the relevant knowledge – and the necessary skills to implement that knowledge – you will receive a certificate from the Stellenbosch Graduate Institute as a testament to your achievement. As an alumni, you will also have access to other individuals in your field, thus enabling the sharing of insights and support.

Whether its operations management, project planning, human resources, or something else, get in touch with us to boost your career. Complete the online application form today or request a call or WhatsApp from one of our Student Recruiters discuss the possibilities available to you.

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