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5 Reasons studying online is a smart life choice

BY: Brigitte Schwartz|6 February 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online

There is a myriad of motivations why hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are choosing to complete short online courses. Here are five reasons why distance learning online is a smart life choice:

1. You can study anywhere, anytime.

Really think about this for a second. This means the freedom to study wherever you please, as long as there’s decent connectivity. You could listen to a lecture whilst cycling in the south of France, working on a yacht in the Caribbean, or interning at a lodge somewhere in the heart of Africa’s bushveld. You could also just pop to a quirky coffee shop down the street from where you live. You decide.

2. You can learn while you earn.

Many of us can’t afford to study unless we’re earning an income at the same time. The convenience of online studying means that it can slot into your existing responsibilities. Your employer may also consider sponsoring your studies as part of your development plan.

3. You can cut some major costs.

Distance learning lets you live at home, which could eliminate the extra expenses you’d normally pay for accommodation, meals, transport, and more. Additionally, your textbooks will most likely be online and built into the cost of the module. Plus, the course itself may be cheaper than traditional non-online alternatives.

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4. You can access really relevant content.

Traditional tertiary institutions can find it a little tricky to keep up with the evolving demands of the work environment in Industry 4.0. Online comes with the benefit of agility. Course content can be rapidly revised to reflect current “real-world” case studies and the latest in global research. Plus, short online courses tend to focus on skills that are instantly applicable to meet the demand in the world right now – and in the future.

5. You can get the soft skills you need to succeed.

Creativity. Critical thinking. Empathy. Collaboration. These are all skills that’ll stand you in good stead in the world of tomorrow. And, they’re all skills you’ll learn through collaborative groupwork assignments as part of your online learning experience. Choosing distance learning means that you have the chance to interact with students from all over the world, which will also instil the ability to respectfully navigate cross-cultural differences. A critical capability in a time of globalisation.

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