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SGI Quiz: Which magnificent mogul are you?

BY: Brigitte Schwartz|4 July 2019
BLOG| My future career

Find your mogul match and identify your business personality, by taking this quick quiz! You know the drill… keep track of your answers, so you know if you’re mostly A, B, C or D!

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Mostly A’s… You are Connie Mashaba: The People Person

Graceful, gracious, humble and hard-working, you put your people first. You’re a visionary and risk-taker (Connie and Herman started Black Like Me with a R30k loan from friends!), with a talent for spotting market gaps. You’re continuously juggling multiple things, but you always make time for your family. You’re also absolutely committed to lifelong learning, you know, education + experience = a winning formula. Your best trait is your curious mind. You probably work well with a partner – in work and in life.

To start your journey, you should study:


Mostly B’s… You are Elon Musk: The Dreamer

Since you were small, you’ve had enormous dreams. While other people wake up thinking about coffee, you’re planning a mission to Mars. You like being a little on the edge, a little out there…You thrive on attention and breaking convention. And you’re happy to be a bit controversial if you really believe in what you’re doing. You live by the mantra that if something’s important enough, you’ll get it done, even when the odds are not in your favour. You also hate to fail. If something’s failing, you strongly suspect it’s a case of not innovating hard enough. You work super hard, refuse to give up and don’t take no for an answer. You’re probably set to change the world.

To start your journey, you should study:


Mostly C’s… You are Bonang Matheba: The Star

You know how to work your skills! Life may seem like a glitzy reality show filled with endless sparkling wine but you’ve worked hard for everything you have. You’ve probably been juggling jobs since your teens (Bonang made her TV debut at age 15), and you’re a bit of a chameleon – you are many things at once. Radio, TV, business, philanthropy… you can do it all and have it all! Just maybe don’t try and write a book by yourself… Savvy, sophisticated and a born star, you light up a room and were born to stand out. Own it.

To start your journey, you should study:


Mostly D’s… You are Patrice Motsepe: The Magnanimous Magnate

You’re heading for the big leagues, you are a budding billionaire. Your peers frequently describe you as a visionary and you’re always first (Patrice is a person of many firsts – including being the first black African on the Forbes list). You’ve been cutting deals since you were small and you’re an excellent negotiator. You’re also a person of tremendous dignity and you believe in giving back (Patrice has pledged to give away half his wealth to charity). You attract powerful people (like Buffet and Gates), and you’re always looking to do more and be more. You understand all the intricacies of being a leader and businessperson and you’re great at starting things. Your future is gold(en).


To start your journey, you should study:

  • Our year-long course in Advanced Project Management!
  • You’re a natural leader, with an affinity for putting parts of the puzzle together.


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