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Which phenomenal businesswoman are you? [Quiz]

BY: SGI|27 August 2019
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This Women’s Month, we’re celebrating amazing female leaders across the globe. Take our quiz to see how you stack up – and which inspirational woman’s leadership style is your match. Keep track of your answers so you know whether you’re mostly A, B, C or D.


1. Which word would your friends and family use to describe your work ethic?

A. Positive

B. Adaptable

C. Committed

D. Assertive


2. Your strategy to beat procrastination includes:

A. Blocking out time for tasks you’ve pushed and finishing them in the allotted slot

B. Rewarding yourself for each task you complete

C. Having an accountability partner to remind you of your end goal

D. Identifying the positive outcomes of your actions


3. Your ideal workplace will be one that places importance on its:

A. Vision

B. Mission

C. Innovation

D. Core values


4. The one quality you believe a leader must possess is:

A. Ambition and the drive to succeed

B. Resonance and being able to engage with others and keep them engaged

C. The ability to be different and think outside the box

D. Integrity and always doing the right thing, even in challenging circumstances


5. When faced with a challenging team activity, you…

A. Take the lead in organising who does what and when

B. Give 100% of yourself to your specific task

C. Engage with and encourage the rest of the team

D. Prefer working individually and take on the entire workload



  • Your leadership style is… SHERYL SANDBERG’s game-changing tech-telligence
  • Numbers, data, forecasting… These topics excite you and provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, is your bible and her support of women’s rights in the business world, your inspiration. You’ve already found your niche in information and technology; now it’s time to take that knowledge and apply it to become a leader in your field.
  • Get ahead with… Our Leadership and emotional intelligence online short course that will take your operations, tech and management skills to the next level.



  • Your leadership style… BONANG MATHEBA’s savvy adaptability
  • To others, success seems to come easily to you – but you know you’ve grafted to get to the glitzy world that is your life. With your charming personality and knack for connecting with people, you see every encounter as an opportunity to network. Bonang Matheba’s strict discipline and ability to adapt to her surroundings defines you to a tee. And, just like SA’s Queen B, your star is rising quickly.
  • Get ahead with… Our Be wise with money (managing finances) online short course will arm you with the financial intelligence for all your starring roles!



  • Your leadership style is… EVA CHEN’s authentic self-awareness
  • Your friends and family say you can be slightly awkward but your friendly, honest nature will ensure your success. Like Eva Chen, Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnerships, you’ve embraced your unique way of doing things and trust your gut feel no matter what. Following your diverse passions will give you a strong background of skills to slay at any role you take on.
  • Get ahead with… Our Managing knowledge and innovation online short course, which will give you the confidence to use your skills in driving innovation.



  • Your leadership style is… THULI MADONSELA’s courageous moral authority
  • When there’s a crisis in your workplace, you tend to step back and analyse the situation before reacting. This non-reactive approach to problem-solving will stand you in good stead in your career and, like former South African Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, will lead you to bigger and better things. Your integrity and moral compass help guide your decisions to making the right call, every time.
  • Get ahead with… Our Making big picture decisions online short course will help your future decision-making processes.


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