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Investing in online learning for your employees

BY: SGI|26 March 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online

If you are a business considering investing in online learning for your employees, you may have some concerns about how you will track the return on your investment. It can be difficult to measure returns and there is also often a time lag between learning and impact. For this reason, putting in place metrics to measure the success of the investment is a good idea.


Here are some ideas from Stellenbosch Graduate Institute.

1. Align training to individual KPAs

Course outcomes should directly link to each individual’s key performance areas (KPAs) so that they add value to the employee’s career path and growth.

2. Align training to your company’s overarching objectives

When investing in study for employees, it is critical to have a very clear idea of the company’s short and long term goals. Ensuring that the training will benefit the company on its road to reaching those goals is crucial.

3. Draw up a work-back agreement

Ensure you set expectations with your employees upfront and draw up a contract so that both parties are very sure of the terms. In most companies, it is required that an employee stays with the company for a certain period of time after studying or they become liable for the cost of the course. In addition, it is very often a requirement that the course needs to be passed – in many companies a fail means the employee becomes liable for the costs.

4. Remember that keeping happy staff can cut recruitment costs in half

According to an article in Harvard Business Review it is not uncommon for companies to train workers because they might leave, and workers to leave because they don’t get training... By offering promising managers and employees a more balanced menu of development opportunities, employers might boost their inclination to stick around.

5. Insist on a report back to ensure that staff members have fully grasped what was needed of them

Ask for a report back on what they’ve learned and ensure they share their new knowledge with the company. A brief presentation to showcase new knowledge is a good idea, as is identifying projects where they can specifically use their new skills to add value to the company.

6. Give it time and allow room for growth

Growth is key for employees to feel motivated to stay at your company. But employees are only human. And humans can only get better after practice – practice does make perfect. Give them a realistic time frame to meet your requirements after their course and give them the platform to grow within that time frame. Seeing how employees perform on brand new tasks that they couldn’t do before your investment will hopefully become evident in their skill set over time.

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