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Advantages of online learning [and other FAQ]

BY: Brigitte Schwartz|10 June 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online

At Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI) we know and understand that there are many questions out there around online learning including whether it is viable, is it just as good (or better) than traditional universities and what are the advantages really? There are many factors that go into a decision like where to study and what to study. It is for this reason that I have collated some of our most popular online blogs to address the questions you have around online learning.

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Online learning fits into your world which makes it very practical, here’s how


If you must convince someone else that online learning is great, read these blogs


Your online learning experience is key, just because it is technology driven, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the learning journey!


Not sure what to study online, then future-proof your skills by understanding what is happening in the working world


Why there is a growing demand of online learning


Who is Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI)?


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What do you want to learn today

Effective Directorship

SGI Flagship Programmes| Effective Directorship| Short Course

Effective directors meet their regulatory and statutory obligations

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Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Develop your creativity and apply it to different business areas

R6 500.00 View

Creative Intelligence

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Take a conscious decision to unleash your inner creative potential

R1 200.00 View

Creative Intelligence and Innovation

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Improve your Creative Intelligence and promote an innovative environment

R2 400.00 View

Managing Finances

Finance| Short Course
Understand how every business action impacts the financial aspects of an organisation
R6,500 View

Manage Major Project Phases

Project Management| Short Course
Requirements and transition between the phases of a project
R8,250 View

Evaluate and improve project performance

Project Management| Short Course
Techniques to support ongoing delivery and excellence of a project
R8,250 View

Getting to Yes (Negotiations)

Human Resources| Short Course
Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations
R2,400 View

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