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The game-changing online course to boost your career [General Management]

BY: SGI|24 September 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online

The cornerstone to any good business – no matter the industry – is the performance of its management. But how does our year-long course in general management help a career?


Firstly, if you haven’t read our General Guide to General Management yet, click here (bonus: You can download the full ebook to refer to at a later stage). If you have, here are three reasons why you, your employees or your kids should consider doing our general management course as a foundation in leadership to complement future studies and work experience.



General management refers to a range of broad-based business and intra-personal skills you need to build and lead a team. These skills are useful in all industries and include being curious, learning continuously, having a strong work ethic, being able to plan, being organised, communicating in a clear manner, and managing time and people effectively. According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), general managers (GM) shape the working environment and oversee daily operations through the use of these skills – all of which can be learnt and honed through the online short courses comprising a general management certification.



All businesses have a pre-determined end goal or vision. This can be anything from turning a profit to helping other small businesses or feeding a community. Leaders with general management skills are able to drive their team members to achieve small goals that work towards the greater vision of the company. Additionally, managers must ensure they correctly use the resources available to them and their teams to reduce costs and maximise output, says Management Study Guide.



“A good employee is only as good as their manager” and “People leave managers, not companies” are some of the phrases you’ve seen bandied about on social media. Successful general managers are the leaders who listen to their employees and communicate in a manner that is collaborative, not directive. A Gallup study found that a mere 30% of employees are engaged at work, 70% of employee engagement is affected by a manager and 50% of employees have left their job due to a manager. The moral of the study: Being proactive and engaging your team will increase employee retention.


Now that you know how general management courses can help improve your career, consider investigating our National Certificate in Generic Management: General Management. Alternatively, we have a range of relevant online short courses on offer, including:

Managing teams

Being lord of the dance (managing a diverse workforce)

Managing talent and the workforce.


Stellenbosch Graduate Institute General Management

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