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The true value of a professional management development programme (MDP)

BY: SGI|24 October 2019
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In an age where we constantly hear about the fourth industrial revolution, the automation of tasks, and the disappearance of certain trades and professions, one thing is certain: inspiring and effective leadership is and will always be the cornerstone of any successful venture. It elevates a project or organisation above its competition, and it leads it to achieve its fullest potential. It is, therefore, imperative for both organisations and individuals to constantly strive to expand their skills and knowledge. This constant growth can be achieved through regular participation in a professional management development programme.


The value for the individual

On an individual level, participation in a management development programme (MDP) can hold many benefits, such as:

  • With additional skills on your CV, you become more employable and competitive in the job market.
  • It improves your chances of earning a promotion.
  • It lowers work stress levels, as you have more skills to cope with challenges in the workplace.
  • As a manager, you become more dynamic, and as a result, you can handle changes in the work environment with more efficiency.
  • It improves your level of job satisfaction.


The value for the company

Companies or organisations can also derive many benefits from investing in programmes that support management development. These include:

  • Get more value out of your top internal talent.
  • Improve employee performance and morale.
  • Boost productivity through more efficient processes and happier employees.
  • Lower your employee turnover rate, and thus your cost to company.
  • Eliminate the problem of finding suitable managers to fill vacant positions.


We offer customisable solutions

At Stellenbosch Graduate Institute, we realise different organisations have different requirements. Additionally, different managers or leaders have different skills, and are at different points in their careers. Therefore, we have structured our management development programmes in such a way that every participant can get the most value in the shortest amount of time, without missing out on valuable skills. We have broken up our courses in the following sections:


In addition, we also offer a comprehensive, year-long National Certificate in General Management, that combines all of the above and more in a course that allows you to take your team to the next level.


Apply today to be a part of one of our management development programmes and unlock your full potential.


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