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Using best practice to lead the pack

BY: SGI|12 June 2019
BLOG| Business leadership and strategy

Remember that time Charlize Theron gained 13kgs to transform herself into real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos for the film Monster? And that other time, when Sylvester Stallone asked Dolph Ludgren to actually punch him in Rocky IV and ended up in intensive care as a result?

Shocking stuff, but part of a very well-known form of acting called ‘method acting’, which is now considered best practice for actors wanting to give an authentic, harrowing and utterly believable performance. Secretly, most hope to bag an Oscar for their efforts!


Best practice is equally applicable in the business world, particularly if you want to bag your own version of an Oscar – perhaps industry-leading sales, a dream promotion or your own industry award.


Best practice is a term that refers to tried and tested practices which have proven results. So, while 20 years ago managers may never have considered consulting employees about, for instance, what they think about a new system that might be implemented, these days consultative leadership is considered best practice for those wanting an engaged, motivated and invested workforce.


Dr Riaan Steenberg, Chief Academic Officer at SGI, says

"A formidable skill for leaders to acquire is the ability to look deeply at how their unit is functioning and assess how to actively improve how things are running. Conducting a rigorous analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses and then assessing the best practices available in order to implement those most likely to wield optimal results – that is good leadership!”


He said this could play out in practice in a range of ways. “For a more creative team, it may be building brainstorming and free-thinking into the team’s ways of working. For a team of lawyers, it may be looking at a rigorous mentorship programme to help the next generation get up to speed quicker. There really is no one-size-fits-all – this is where having the ability to analyse, evaluate and implement what will work best for your reality is a powerful skill for a leader to master.”


If you are a leader looking to take your team to the next level, there are amazing leadership practices to study and implement. If you are a company looking to innovate and evolve, there are tried and tested innovation practices to draw on. If you are struggling to manage projects and deliver on time, project management best practice can become your best friend!


SGI has designed a short course to equip you with the skills to Lead the Pack through best practice.

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