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How do we harness energy for High Performance

BY: Neurozone|22 October 2020
BLOG| Evolving world of work

The energy we have available for high performance is finite – and therefore precious. It means we have to use it in the right amounts, for the right tasks. As individuals, we monitor and assign energy based on our brain-body systems, and as organizational leaders, we do so based on our team-member systems. How these systems access, use, and produce energy determines how achievable our goals feel – and as a result, how achievable they really are.

To optimally orient ourselves towards our goals, we must cultivate and prune behaviors that respectively boost and reduce our energy reserves. High Performance Energy is depleted by bodily and mental stress states – generated by destructive habits and negative thought patterns. In contrast, it is boosted by motivating, rejuvenating states – like optimism, gratitude, humor, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

Stress states press our brain-body systems down into ‘survive’ mode, while rejuvenation states lift them up into ‘thrive’ mode. As simple as the distinction seems, we can find it difficult to put into practice – because stress states are often unconsciously activated. So, to begin optimizing our High Performance Energy (or Goal-Directedness), we must raise our conscious awareness of what is depleting our energy.



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