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“Teach you, I will” – The Yoda guide to help you study

BY: SGI|1 October 2019
BLOG| The digital student life


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From working out to learning while you sleep, there are endless tips for ‘hacking’ your studies. Yet, some of these ‘traditional’ study methods don’t work for everybody. And, when you’re a digital student or you’re working while you pursue your education, information-cramming can leave you feeling fatigued.


As Star Wars’ Yoda says, “You must unlearn what you have learned”. At Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI), we’re here to help you find the best way to further your education with online short courses. If that means ditching the traditional study skills you’ve learnt, that’s okay. Here, we’ve rounded up six other – more creative – ways of getting stuck into your studies.


Often the best way to hit refresh after a long study session is by stepping away from your study space. Places like the park, a museum or even the local swimming pool can be good spots to engage with your material, says Cal Newport, who coined the term “adventure study” from his experiences doing this. A change of scene is as good as a holiday for the brain…



In summarising the material, you learn it! As you’ll need to sift through all your notes and course material to find the key points to add to your cheat sheet, says Fastweb, you’ll already be learning the material without even realising you’re doing so.



While this may seem counter-intuitive, it’s really not. Humans love storytelling and often prefer video content, making this an ideal way to keep your attention focused while you learn. In fact, Oberlo reports that 72% of people prefer using video to learn. And the video tutorials and webinars of an SGI online short course are aimed at helping you learn your material quickly and easily. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, informative videos on living your best digital student life.



While technology has definitely made it a lot easier for us to work, study and do everyday things such as grocery shopping, there’s nothing more satisfying than using a pen to tick off a task on your handwritten to-do list. This same principle applies to your studies, whether online or not. Forget the highlighters and use coloured pens and sticky notes to draw mind maps or colour-code key points, suggests Lifehack.



BrainHQ describes brain training as exercises for your brain that “improve aspects of cognition like memory, attention, focus, and brain speed”. While it has great benefits for students in the long term, reports Parent24, you should still use traditional study methods as brain training does not always mean you’ll learn skills that can be transferred to the 21st-century workplace.



Although most education is text-based, many students are actually more visually oriented. If you find it difficult to memorise your notes or understand key concepts, try illustrating the general concepts in picture format, recommends Odyssey. Unlike mind maps, which are still text-based, drawings are easier to remember and can be as simple or complex as your imagination.


BONUS: We’ve written a blog on 10 apps to help you ace your online short course. Read it here. You can also find out how music boosts the brain in this blog, as another creative study aid.


Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI) offers online short courses in general management, project management, knowledge and innovation, human resources, operations and leadership. Click here for more information on our curriculum.


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