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Top 5 courses to improve leadership in your company

BY: Dr Riaan Steenberg|28 March 2019
BLOG| Business leadership and strategy

Leadership from a corporate perspective requires envisioning the future, developing a strategy to capitalise on that future, and efficient operational implementation. Going forward, leaders will need continuous access to ongoing development and learning opportunities to ensure they refresh their management capabilities to extract the best from their teams.


To navigate the pace of Industry 4.0, good leadership and governance is imperative. Here are a few of our courses that’ll help catalyse effective leadership in an organisation:


Courses to help leaders envision the future:

1. Make Big Picture Decisions

Adopt a systems approach to decision-making. Adept, speedy decision-making has always been a pivotal trait for a leader. This course provides a framework to apply critical and analytical skills to analyse a problem and select feasible solutions.

2. Leading towards the future

Discover leadership and related theories in a work context. Understanding the theory will enable individuals to understand what catalyses transformational leadership and to apply these qualities to their own roles.


Courses to help leaders develop a strategy:

3. Teaming for a purpose

Understand teams. Leaders need to understand the theory of building teams to be able to create agile, efficient teams with a shared ‘north star’ (overarching vision). This course provides the tools to do so.

4. Leading the leaders

Select and coach first line managers. Any good company strategy should have a strong focus on grooming a diverse succession pipeline of talent for key roles. This course is a first step to mentoring high-performing, emerging talent for leadership positions.


Courses to help leaders with operational implementation:

5. Managing teams

Empower a team to work towards a common goal. The ‘Managing Teams’ course gives leaders important insights into communication, objective setting and performance appraisals. It will enable participating leaders to:


Industry 4.0 demands exceptional governance, supported by transformational leadership excellence, and knowledge of systemic programme management. Business Essentials reports that effective cross-functional and inter-organisational management of projects and programmes in virtual networks of partners is a critical enabling competency for entities operating in the Industry 4.0 economy.


Organisations will need to upskill their leaders to facilitate this complex cross-functional, inter-organisational collaboration. Additionally, leaders will need to learn continuously in order to change the company strategy in line with external factors (like climate change and digitisation) and internal organisational shifts. SGI offers a variety of courses to empower leaders to make decisions and manage teams, with organisational foresight top of mind.


SGI Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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