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Be ready for your parents! [Online study is just as good]

BY: Brigitte Schwartz|19 February 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online

Are your parents’ traditionalists? Do they believe that enrolling at a physical university will give you a better education than studying online? You know better, right? You know the course content is cooler, digital and much more up-to-date at a virtual institute. You know you can learn at your own pace and be taught by people who are already embracing the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution). You know you will own your time and that you can earn while you learn.

But how to convince those parentals? We’ve taken the liberty of having a fictitious conversation with your mom and/or dad and/or guardian. By using these rock star retorts you’ll be equipped to convince them that online is the only way to go.

Parent: “You’ll get a better education at the old, traditional universities.”

Potential student: “This was certainly true four or five years ago, but all credible institutions are widening their offering to include online learning. Harvard, Stanford and Oxford – three of the best universities in the world – all offer degrees and courses online. As do pretty much all others. As long as I sign up for a credible, accredited online institute and course, the outcome will be every bit as good (if not better) than it would at a real-world institution.”

Parent: “You won’t have access to lecturers or tutors to help you when you need help.”

Potential student: “I will, in fact, have more access to lecturers or tutors. Tutors are available at very regular intervals day and night for me to chat to, and, if a lecture is amazing I can rewatch it as many times as I want to get the most out of my studies.”

Parent: “You’ll miss out on the social aspects on university.”

Potential student: “Let me reframe this for you. I won’t spend about 70% of my time on campus partying, waking up late and missing lectures. I’ll be in a civilised, quiet environment of my own choice , where I can focus on my studies not my FOMO. There are forums and chat groups as part of this course, but my conversations with my fellow students will be focussed on study, rather than planning the next party outfit.”

PS “Didn’t you once tell me you fell asleep at least once a week in a lecture, dad?”

Parent: “But how will you fit it all in?”

Potential student: “What I love about this option is that I can keep working while studying (more affordable for you guys!). It is flexible in terms of when I study – and it will teach me self-discipline. I can do it anywhere, and it is delivered in ways that talk to my generation – it is fun, upbeat and engaging.”

Parent: “It won’t be as attractive to prospective employers.”

Potential student: “If I was already in a position to be hiring people, I’d be more impressed with an online certificate, particularly if the candidate was working at the same time. This means they are extremely digitally savvy, they are self-motivated, able to manage their time and priorities and they are driven and clever! They would get my vote!”

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