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The best courses to study to land a great job

BY: Dr Riaan Steenberg|18 February 2019
BLOG| My future career

Industry 4.0 is creating a time of rapid change. With widespread digitisation, AI and automation comes a demand for a different set of skills. Dell predicts 85% of the jobs of 2030 haven’t been invented yet. And the World Economic Forum (WEF) foresees major shifts in the skills most in demand in 2020, with complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity topping the list.

Emotional intelligence will be another capability in demand. With robotic colleagues taking on many of the mundane day-to-day tasks, as well as many of the more technical, data-driven and decision-making roles, humans will need to find ways to seamlessly collaborate with machines. Part of this also means future-proofing skillsets through continuous learning that focuses on soft skills – the skills machines cannot emulate… yet.

Knowing this, here are three of the best courses to study to land a job – now, and in the future:

1. Acquire the ultimate intelligence

The ultimate intelligence is emotional intelligence (EI). WEF lists this as the sixth most important skill for 2020 and beyond. It’s critical for all roles, whether directly related to people management or not. Why? Because it’s the foundation for successful cross-cultural, and cross-departmental collaboration. It’s especially important for leaders, especially those with a servant-leadership approach and transformational agenda.

The course you should study?

SGI’s one-week long ‘Acquire the ultimate intelligence course’, which will give you demonstrable knowledge of EI in life and work relations, enable you to analyse the impact of EI, and evaluate your own level of EI to determine development areas.

Download the "Acquire the ultimate intelligence" course prospectus

2. Build ‘dream teams’

‘People management’ is number four on WEF’s list of skills for 2020, while ‘coordinating with others’ is number five. Both skills are imperative for you to collaborate effectively with others and build agile teams.

The course you should study?

Teaming for a purpose. This one-and-a-half-week course will teach you various theories of teams, explain the process of building teams, the role of the team leader, and ways to evaluate team effectiveness. In a time of the ‘workforce on demand’ – when most of the workforce is likely to be contracted on a freelance basis – learning to get teams to operate seamlessly together is a critical capability.

Download the "Teaming for a purpose" course prospectus

3. Understand systems:

Project management will increasingly involve humans collaborating with machines to implement smart systems and processes. While it’s predicted that AI ‘project managers’ will eventually become fully autonomous, for now, human project managers still play an integral role in designing effective systems and intelligently allocating resources.

The course you should study?

Project systems and requirements analysis. This seven-week course focuses on systems design and business analysis to build an understanding of how to implement a new system. It teaches you to understand the full life cycle of a project, address issues of maintenance and ongoing development, to identify project requirements, and define the role of people and teams.

Download the "Project Systems and Requirements Analysis" course prospectus


Still not sure how to choose a course, watch our YouTube video on "how to decide what to study online".


For more information on the online learning courses that Stellenbosch Graduate Institute can offer you in order to future-proof your skillset and remain relevant in tomorrow’s world of work, visit SGI.co.za.

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