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Get bang for your study buck

BY: Brigitte Schwartz|11 April 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online

If you considering taking an online course and paying for it yourself, you’ll want to get the most out of your investment.

Here are a few ways to get ‘bang for your buck’:

1. Choose a course that will add real value to your earning power

It may be tempting to do something relatively obscure because it interests you, but if you want your investment to pay off in terms of salary growth and promotability, you need to invest in a course that will directly benefit the business you own or are employed at.

Courses focussing on, for instance leadership or project management, build skills that are extremely valuable to a spectrum of industries and types of businesses.

Here are our top 5 courses in leadership to study

2. Take your study time seriously to get the most out of your investment

Set goals, draw up a schedule, find a place that is very conducive to study. Find a study buddy. Do what you need to do make sure you get as much as you possibly can from the course you invested in.

Get your ROI and see how studying grows your salary

3. Choose an accredited course

A course which is accredited is a lot more credible than one that isn’t and will be taken more seriously by prospective and current employers. First prize is to choose a course that will offer you a certificate from an institution which is accredited in South Africa.

If you are not sure how accreditation and quality assurance in SA education works, then you must read this article!

4. If you are employed, but paying for the course yourself, let your employer know you are investing in yourself

No harm in making sure those who you work with know how seriously you are taking yourself as an employable asset. Knowing you have taken it upon yourself to invest in a course, for instance, in learning about emotional intelligence, will give deep insight into where you intend to take your career.

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