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Five Apps for work-study-life balance when studying online

BY: SGI|3 October 2019
BLOG| The digital student life

Today’s technology has made it easy to access everything at a touch of a button, including online short courses you can complete anywhere in the world. But it’s also made it that much more difficult to focus on any one task. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter beckon as you’re writing that report, while that new episode of Stranger Things on Netflix is just a click away.


It’s already hard to find the time to fit in your work projects and home life in one day and technology can be a distraction, especially if you’re an online student. However, it can also be an asset when used correctly. Download these five apps to help you find that elusive work-study-life balance – and push all distractions aside. (Read our blog on studying while working for more time-management tips. We also offer some smart study hacks here.)



As the name suggests, this app helps you easily organise your studies. With just a few clicks, you can set up a study plan that tracks your study sessions and notifies you about the courses you have to study. Best of all, you can customise your schedule with colours, names and the amount of time you want to dedicate to each course. Get it here.



This app has saved us so much time when checking emails! Unroll.me allows you to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and organise the rest. You’ll also only receive one daily mail with all of your subscriptions so your inbox can stay neat and uncluttered – and make room for important mails about your online short courses instead! Get it here.



Arguably one of the most popular organisational apps in the world, Evernote is your daily organiser in your pocket. The app allows you to manage your to-do lists; scan business cards, receipts and documents; record voice memos; and schedule your entire life – from your online studies to your work commitments. Get it here.



A goldmine of information, Pocket is available as an app and a plugin for your web browser. While completing your online short course, you may do research online and this nifty app helps you save articles, videos and images on the internet and social media so you’ll never lose a source again. Win! Get it here.



Even if you’re super-organised, there might be moments where you simply don’t feel like following your schedule or are too overwhelmed to begin a task. This is where Procrasterapp steps in. The app offers suggestions to help you continue with your tasks and stay on track, and also allows you to set rewards to stay motivated to complete your online short course. Get it here.


These apps can help you stay organised. At SGI, we want to help you live your best possible digital student life, so we also have experienced, friendly learning coaches on hand to help keep you accountable and ensure you never feel lonely or overwhelmed while studying with us. Visit our course page for more information on our online short courses.


Check out our ebook on the A-Z of being a digital student at SGI for a complete picture on studying with us.


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