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8 Good reasons to study online

BY: SGI|11 December 2018
BLOG| Deciding to study online

Lwazi, a 23-year-old from a marketing executive from Gauteng, took an online project management course. Here, in his view, are the top 8 ways doing the course positively impacted his life:

1. Earn more money

“After studying project management online, I had ammo for a very productive discussion with my boss and secured a 10% raise.”

2. Get promoted

“A few months later, someone more senior than me in our team resigned and I applied – successfully! – for the position.” 

3. Keep your career interesting

“This came at the perfect time because I was just beginning to find my job a bit monotonous.”

4. Gain confidence

“The project management course has given me a lot of confidence in my day-to-day work. I now have the theory to back up my natural instincts – a killer combo!”

5. Improve your network 

“I studied online and took full advantage. I arranged meet-ups with some of the people in my course forum and we now regularly network together, sharing ideas and opportunities.”

6. Beat the robots

“My next course will definitely be how to upskill myself for a workplace which is half human half robot. I want to be ahead of the game when it comes to adapting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

7. A better lifestyle

“My lifestyle has definitely improved. Not only from the raise, but also from just feeling a lot more in control of my work. I can leave earlier, work less after hours and enjoy the other things in life that I love. Like DJing.”

8. Keep your skills in demand

“And funnily enough, since doing the course and being promoted, I’ve been hearing from recruitment agents trying to place me in other roles. I’m not quite ready but when the right job and time comes, I’ll own it for sure!”

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