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20 FAQs about SGI you need to know

BY: SGI|18 April 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online

Here are the 20 most FAQ about Stellenbosch Graduate Institute.

1. Who founded Stellenbosch Graduate Institute and why?

In 2017, we were founded as an innovative way to break free from traditional education models. Whereas traditional universities must cap intake at a certain number of students, we don’t have to. This means we can play a central role in offering transformative educational opportunities to our students, to empower them to become professionals and knowledge workers with globally equivalent skills. By doing this, we aim to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, by increasing young people’s employability and earning potential.

2. What’s SGI’s long-term vision and mission?

Our long-term vision for Stellenbosch Graduate Institute is to equip leaders with the skills they need to make Africa thrive. The way in which we will do this is to deliver innovative, affordable, life-long online education that brings people together and equips them with the knowledge to imagine and build a better society.

3. Where is SGI based?

We’re based in Stellenbosch, which has been described as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of South Africa, because it’s a testbed for tech and IT companies. The town has a lot of history and is synonymous with learning.

4. What makes SGI unique?

Our signature activity per module! This practical activity puts theory into practice and lets our students learn critical skills that are instantly applicable in the world of work. That sets our students apart.

We’re passionate about our students succeeding and living out their dreams. We provide a lot of support along the learning journey to ensure students make the most of their courses and live their best SGI lives.

5. Why should I study through SGI?

  • You can start anytime and learn anywhere
  • You can pay per module
  • Our short courses articulate into our programmes and qualifications
  • Our micro modules allow you to study small bits and complete these according to your timing and budget
  • The structure of our courses allows you to work and earn, whilst you learn
  • All textbooks are included
  • We offer state-of-the-art, student-centred learning programmes
  • Our courses are developed and taught by top lecturers
  • All our students get support from a dedicated learning coach
  • We offer meaningful assessments that equip students for the job world
  • You will connect with individuals across the country and world who are embarking on the same learning journey as you are

6. Is SGI competitive with other tertiary institutes?

SGI is a start-up, so we have a few strong offerings and plan to grow and scale-up quickly. We are slightly cheaper in price than many other tertiary institutes. However, our main objective is to help fulfil the high demand for education that our continent has. According to the DHET Report, every year, close to 106 000 matriculants don’t get the opportunity to study due to limited spaces. That’s what we want to change.

Studying online can be very cost efficient as it doesn’t carry additional costs like travel, accommodation, meals and textbooks. Additionally, online course fees can be cheaper than those of traditional institutions.

7. Who comprises the SGI faculty?

We have a world-class team with exceptional industry experience. Each lecturer will inspire you with their practical experience-based insights, best practices, and knowledge of what works and what does not.

8. Will I have support during my studies?

Yes, absolutely! We believe this is one of our biggest differentiators. We’ll support you on every step of your journey:


You will have access to a state-of-the-art online learning system that helps you keep track of where you are and what you will be doing next.

You will also have access to:

  • online tutorials facilitated by a group tutor
  • online activities
  • join in contact modules

You’ll also have your very own personal learning coach who will check in to help you with any challenges you might be experiencing. Additionally, our lecturers are available for regular video tutorials that you can access via the internet. Participation is optional but highly beneficial.


There is no additional charge for textbooks that you can access online. These and other books for interest are provided online, with 24/7 access.


Our study guides include:

  • clear learning outcomes
  • study materials for the specific subsection
  • self-contained guide with all module requirements
  • examples and case studies
  • activities that can be completed individually or as part of a team

We also require reading from leading periodicals, journals and independent study of the subject area through the guidelines provided.


You’ll have access to a digital library with thousands of subject relevant books. Learn as much as you need to about business and the latest in your specific areas of interest.

9. Will I need to complete coursework and exams?

For most courses, you’ll complete an online portfolio of evidence. A portfolio of evidence is made up of a range of activities that you will do on your own time (and in the workplace) to show that you are competent in understanding the theory and practice of the module. Assessment activities vary and may include simple answers to questions, multiple choice, short writing sections, preparation of individual presentations, group presentations, written assignments and summative assessments.

Once you have completed all the tasks, assignments and assessments for the module, the module is then closed off. You’ll receive feedback on your progress and get your assessment results (either determined as competent or not yet competent).

10. Does SGI offer bursaries?

We don’t at the moment, but it’s an option we’ll explore in the future. There are regular competitions with courses as prizes though!

11. Are all SGI courses online?

Yes. We want people to be able to access our learning materials from anywhere in the world.

12. I’m stuck in my job and I am looking for opportunities to grow. What does SGI offer me?

We can offer you numerous insightful short courses, a National Certificate in Generic Management, Advanced Project Management and multiple microlearning opportunities. We’re expanding this portfolio all the time. With us, you can explore different learning opportunities, learn from top faculty, be supported along your journey, and meet up with other SGI students from all around the world.

13. How do I decide what to study?

Start by thinking about what job you want to do and which industry you’d like to work in. Then, look at the set of skills required for that job. Assess what skills you have and what skills you need to learn and then, based on that, search the different offerings available to you.

You want to choose a tertiary institute that is reputable and has at least the national minimum requirements. This shows that it is legitimate and will offer you a quality level of learning. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a degree, a qualification, a short course or even microlearning if you just want a specific skill right now and quickly.

It is important to choose a place that offers practical studying, so you can put your newfound knowledge into practice immediately.

14. Will studying with SGI help me to get a job?

We do everything we can to ensure that it will. Our dream is to help you fulfil your career dreams, whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, be your own boss or embark on an exciting entrepreneurial project. We do this through the following opportunities:


As part of our programmes, you will understand your interests, values, strengths and weaknesses better and this is the first step to success in career planning. We employ self-assessment tools and can also make career counselling and coaching available to you, upon request, if you need a little guidance in picking your path.


Your learning coach will always be available to assist you to make the most of your studies. You can set up individual sessions with our counsellors and coaches to better define your goals and to develop personalised job search strategies.


We’ll help you improve your CV writing skills, interview skills, business etiquette and networking to prepare you for your job search. Mock interviews can also be arranged to prepare you for real interviews.


We build strong relationships with companies and will advise on the availability of positions within these companies.

15. Is SGI affiliated with the University of Stellenbosch?

No, not at all. Just based in the same town.

16. What courses are offered?

Our two flagship programmes are:

We have various short courses in Leadership, EQ, Managing Teams, Finance, Operations, HR, Knowledge and innovation and also in Project Management.

View the full list of offerings for the 2019 year here. Going forwards, we will continue to grow our portfolio and to diversify and scale our offering.

17. Does SGI offer degrees?

No not yet. To offer degrees we need to be accredited with certain higher education bodies in South Africa. We are in the process of this, but, until it is approved, we cannot offer degrees.

Over the next ten years, we aim to grow nationally and internationally, expanding our student participation in our qualifications and short courses across Africa.

18. Are SGI’s courses accredited?

Yes. Our National Certificate in General Management is accredited through the Services SETA and the Advanced Project Management is accredited through Project Management South Africa.

19. Will continuous learning help my career?

Absolutely! WeForum suggests each of us will need to spend at least 101 days learning in the next couple of years to be able to keep up with the future world of work and how business is changing. If you want to grow in your career in the age of Industry 4.0, you need to commit to continuously upskilling yourself. We believe the ability to learn is probably the biggest skill you’ll need to succeed. That’s why we’re passionate about creating continuous learning opportunities.

20. Where can I apply?

We are so glad you asked, here is the link: https://www.sgi.co.za/apply-now


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