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10 Apps to help you with your online studies

BY: SGI|3 September 2019
BLOG| The digital student life

There’s nothing like a Pinterest-worthy workspace to inspire heightened productivity. Make your space inspiring and then gather all the digital tools you need to succeed at your online studies.


While the basics – a well-lit area free from noise and a desk with all your essential stationery and books – are a given, there are loads of free tools* for your smartphone, tablet or computer that will give you the push to focus on your studies and maximise your productivity. Here are 10 of our favourites:


1. Study, iOS

This nifty app aims to help you focus, improve cognition and reduce fatigue – using sound! Play it through your headphones to block out ambient noise and conversations to boost your productivity while you study.


2. Tinycards, iOS, Google Play and desktop

If you’ve tried Duolingo to learn a language, you’ll enjoy Tinycards’ interface as it’s made by the same developers. The app is a set of flashcards that you can use to memorise anything – including your online subjects. Simply make your own decks and the app will adapt to your learning plan.


3. Evernote, iOS, Google Play and desktop

Most people use this app as a replacement for their notes app, but Evernote offers so much more. Add images, sound and colourful labels then organise your notes by tags or into different notebooks. It’s like carrying your study folders in your pocket!


4. Easy Study – Plan for school, iOS and Google Play

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin with your studies, this app is a good starting point. Enter all the subjects or courses you need to study for and how long you want to spend on each and the app will create a timetable for you, helping you to optimise your time.


5. Self-Control to Focus – Pro+, iOS

If you’re always getting distracted by social media, online games or even emails, Self-Control has you covered. It will block you from viewing certain apps for a set amount of time – and it’s pretty impossible to get back in once you’ve set it up!


6. Moodle, iOS, Google Play and desktop

This is a great tool to help you study and connect with your peers in a study group or class. Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI) uses this learner management system (LMS) so you’ll already have a login if you’re registered for one of our courses and can access content on your mobile devices or desktop and share your own content with others.


7. Citationsy, iOS, Google Play and desktop

If you struggle to pull your bibliography together or simply want to speed up the process, this no-nonsense tool helps you organise your references and citations into different projects and export them into one of 8 500 citation styles.


8. Google Drive, iOS, Google Play and desktop

You may already have a Google Drive linked to your Gmail but are you using it to its full potential? As most of your online short course content is provided electronically, you can use Google Drive to save and store your documents, including your assignments, to ensure you don’t lose any work if your computer crashes. You can also set your Drive to work offline or collaborate with your classmates.


9. Dictionary.com, iOS and Google Play

No matter what you’re studying, you can’t go wrong with a dictionary. And this is one you can keep in your pocket. Besides providing definitions for English words, it also allows you to find synonyms through its built-in thesaurus and you can learn new vocabulary with its Word of the Day feature.


10. Coffitivity, iOS and desktop

This app works completely opposite to the Study app. If you find it difficult to concentrate in super-quiet areas, Coffitivity provides coffee-shop ambient noise to help you focus. If you prefer, you can also listen to your own music via the app.


We offer support and tools to help you successfully complete your online short courses. Click here for a full list of courses.


*Most of these tools also have paid versions that unlock additional cool features.


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