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Where can I study if I didn't get into university?

BY: SGI|29 January 2019
BLOG| Deciding to study online


The year has not started well for all young South Africans. Unfortunately, the hopes of many successful matriculants have been dashed by the dire lack of places at SA universities.

The University of Cape Town can accommodate 4 200 first year students each year – it received 62 740 applications. The University of Natal received 91 000 applications for 8 770 spaces. For the University of Pretoria, it was 37 464 applicants for 9 600 places. The lack of space for specialist degrees is equally inadequate.

The number of matriculants who didn’t get into universities runs into the hundreds of thousands.

Frik Landman, CEO of Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI), says that it is heart-breaking to think of all the hard work and effort that went into getting a matric exemption and then not finding a place to study further. “Economic progress and alleviating poverty are so heavily dependent on education, it is critical that we find ways to allow our most promising young people to secure strong tertiary opportunities.”

Frik heads up SGI, a newly launched online education institute, which offers students access to a digital, online education experience with quality and highly relevant course content.

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He believes that education across Africa will increasingly become digital, rather than face-to-face. "There are so many advantages to studying online. One of the big pluses is the fact that the capacity of an online course is unlimited so as many people as want to do the course, can do the course. Then there are other, less obvious ones. Such as the ability of the person to study flexibly if they need to work full-time, or to switch studies ‘on and off’ if life circumstances require this.”

He said it is also a lot quicker and easier to update online material, so the content can always be up-to-date and highly relevant. “It is absolutely well suited to the way we consume information in 2019. Lots of video, lots of real-life examples and short, easy to consume content.”

SGI currently offers a number of courses which typically count towards first year credits for an undergraduate degree in commerce or finance. “Our National Certificate in Generic Management: General Management course starts on 11 Jan 2021 (as well as on 8 March, 3 May, 28 June, 23 August and 18 October) and is an excellent grounding for a career.”

It covers leadership and emotional intelligence, managing operations, managing talent and workforce and managing finances. There are lots more courses on offer at SGI and a lot more to come. Watch this space!


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