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Effective Directorship

SGI Flagship Programmes| Effective Directorship| Short Course

Effective directors meet their regulatory and statutory obligations

R14 500 View

Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Develop your creativity and apply it to different business areas

R6 500.00 View

Creative Intelligence

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Take a conscious decision to unleash your inner creative potential

R1 200.00 View

Creative Intelligence and Innovation

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Improve your Creative Intelligence and promote an innovative environment

R2 400.00 View

Managing Finances

Finance| Short Course
Understand how every business action impacts the financial aspects of an organisation
R6,500 View

Manage Major Project Phases

Project Management| Short Course
Requirements and transition between the phases of a project
R8,250 View

Evaluate and improve project performance

Project Management| Short Course
Techniques to support ongoing delivery and excellence of a project
R8,250 View

Getting to Yes (Negotiations)

Human Resources| Short Course
Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations
R2,400 View

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