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Stellenbosch Graduate Institute aims to educate, guide and inspire students to thrive and realise their own potential. By giving your dreams digital wings and having an online educational experience that is professional and innovative, we believe that you can positively impact and transform the world around you. Stellenbosch Graduate Institute provides learners with practical skills, excellence and entrepreneurship, that prepares students for their own destiny.

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Stellenbosch Graduate Institute is an education company that offers online qualifications, short courses and customised programmes.

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With our unique onboarding approach, offering multiple intakes throughout the year, your opportunity to grow in your career is always just a click away!

Effective Directorship

SGI Flagship Programmes| Effective Directorship| Short Course

Effective directors meet their regulatory and statutory obligations

R14 500 View

Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Develop your creativity and apply it to different business areas

R6 500.00 View

Creative Intelligence

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Take a conscious decision to unleash your inner creative potential

R1 200.00 View

Creative Intelligence and Innovation

Creativity in Business| Short Course

Improve your Creative Intelligence and promote an innovative environment

R2 400.00 View

Managing Finances

Finance| Short Course
Understand how every business action impacts the financial aspects of an organisation
R6,500 View

Manage Major Project Phases

Project Management| Short Course
Requirements and transition between the phases of a project
R8,250 View

Evaluate and improve project performance

Project Management| Short Course
Techniques to support ongoing delivery and excellence of a project
R8,250 View

Getting to Yes (Negotiations)

Human Resources| Short Course
Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations
R2,400 View

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We are passionate about the success of our students. We provide the academic support necessary for students to succeed.

Our “Signature SGI activity” per module will give you practical and relevant tools for the working world which you can apply immediately.

Connect with individuals across the country and world who are embarking on the same learning journey as you are.

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Our courses are about what you learn and about how you learn and apply your knowledge afterwards in the working world.

Interactive learning via innovative digital technologies.

Guidance throughout your learning journey (and afterwards).

Courses that are practical, relevant and linked to the business skills shortages in Africa.

Whats in it for you
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